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                        China, Thailand Launch ASEAN's First 5G Smart Hospital

                        Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2022-01-06 09:13:46| Author: Staff?Reporters

                        Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-chawas visiting Siriraj Hospital. (PHOTO: HUAWEI)

                        By Staff Reporters

                            China-Thailand digital economic cooperation has become the focus of bilateral exchanges since the two established ministerial dialogue on digital economy cooperation in 2019.

                            Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, Siriraj Hospital, and Huawei Thailand jointly launched a new 5G smart hospital  project  in  mid-December 2021 at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, marking the first and largest 5G smart hospital project in the ASEAN region.

                            Patients at Siriraj Hospital will have access to a full range of digital services, including 5G ambulance, cloud-based AI diagnostics and telemedicine.

                            Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha said at the launch that the utilization of digital technologies and 5G in the medical field would help reduce processes for medical personnel, decrease overall risk, and will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare for patients. "We hope the project will act as a blueprint for all smart hospitals in Thailand going forward," said he.

                            Under the 5G Smart Hospital project agreement signed by Siriraj Hospital and Huawei, the two sides will work together on nine sub-projects. Currently, 5G portable medical boxes, 5G unmanned vehicles, 5G medical carts, and 5G smart hospital beds have been piloted at Siriraj Hospital.

                            A Joint Innovation Lab will be established. Around 30 5G-medical applications are expected to be incubated and promoted nationwide in 2022, according to Huawei. With the help of Huawei, Thailand has built 20,000 5G stations in the past two years and owns more than 4.2 million 5G subscribers for now, leading in 5G adoption among ASEAN countries.

                            Chinese Ambassador to Thailand, Han Zhiqiang, praised the China-Thailand 5G cooperation, saying, "It has become a model for the region, helping Thailand become the first country in Southeast Asia to launch 5G for commercial use."

                            "China is glad to work together with Thailand to address common challenges and drive economic development, and will keep supporting companies like Huawei in improving the lives of Thai and Chinese people through concepts such as Smart Hospitals," said Han.   


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