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                        Xu Zhilong:IUSTC members should build on past cooperation to achieve more in future

                        Source: | 2021-12-22 09:51:07| Author: Science and Technology Daily

                        Dear Colleagues: 

                        Good afternoon!

                        With our joint efforts, we have witnessed increased collaborations among the IUSTC members over the past few years. Our collaborations have made a difference in facilitating the communication of international sci-tech information and promoting international sci-tech exchanges and cooperation. Now let me review some of our cooperation:

                        Firstly, the exchange of sci-tech news and interviews among IUSTC members continue to increase. Since the establishment of the union, correspondents of the S&T Daily in Russia and Japan have worked on a column to publish the scientific and technological achievements in Russia and Japan.

                        On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the column of “International Comments on China’s Sci-tech Innovations in 70 Years,” has published a series of articles from IUSTC members. Among them, the head of the science and education team of Sputnik News agency wrote an article reviewing the important achievements of higher education between China and Russia. Mr. Okimura Kazuki, founder of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), reviewed the sci-tech exchanges and cooperation between China and Japan in the article titled The Key to Revitalizing Science and Technology is Strong National Will.

                        At the 2020-2021 China-Japan High-level Expert Symposium on Biosystems Science in Public Health, the reporter of the English edition of the S&T Daily interviewed Ms. Yoneyama Haruro, counselor of JST China, and published the article titled More Communication and Exchanges: The Way to Sino-Japan Future Cooperation.

                        Over the past few years, Sputnik, PR Newswire and the WeChat account of China Research and Sakura Science Center (CRSC) of JST have been publishing sci-tech news recommended by the union, and helped promote global communication of the news.

                        Secondly, forum activities serve as a platform for exchanges and cooperation among the IUSTC members. At the three media sessions of the World 5G Convention hosted by the Science and Technology Daily, PR Newswire and Sputnik twice sent representatives to deliver speeches, sharing their experiences in applying new technologies and means of communication. During the two digital economy sub-forums of the Beijing-Tokyo Forum organized by Science and Technology Daily, the IUSTC members also helped spread the results of the forum widely.

                        Thirdly, the IUSTC members have collaborated to produce think tank reports. Clarivate, a member of the union, has been working closely with the international department of Science and Technology Daily for many years. The core research team formed by the two organizations has planned, researched, and written relevant reports on current major topics. They published a number of thematic reports, such as a report on China’s sci-tech progress from 1949 to 2019, and a report on the role of science and technology in supporting global efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. These reports have had a major influence on the important sci-tech issues.

                        As the initiator of the union, Science and Technology Daily has been exploring how to further strengthen cooperation among the members and provide you with more sci-tech materials.

                        Well prepared for more than a year, we launched the weekly English edition of the Science and Technology Daily on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China on July 1 this year. Just as you have watched in the video, the English edition has become a new platform for Science and Technology Daily to share sci-tech information globally.

                        On some hot topics about science and technology, such as climate change, peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, origin tracing of COVID-19, digital economy, metaverse, new energy, etc., the English edition keeps covering and explaining their latest developments.

                        Up to now, the weekly English edition has published 24 volumes. You can access them via our e-paper, official website and WeChat account. With this new platform, I also hope we work together to jointly create more influential contents that can be widely spread.

                        I am looking forward to your insights into the future development of IUSTC, so as to bring the union to the next level in exchanging and communicating sci-tech information.

                        Thank you!

                        (Greetings from Xu Zhilong, editor-in-chief of S&T Daily at the 2021 IUSTC Meeting)


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