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                        • Scientific Fightback Against Political Origin Tracing

                          Thea Kolsen Fischer recently published her personal experiences in Wuhan city in her book Virusdetektiven.

                        • Range of Tech Supporting Metaverse Construction

                          The metaverse is a futuristic Internet product based on Web 3.0. As a parallel reflection of the real world in virtual reality, the metaverse is defined differently by multiple experts in different industries. However, no matter what or how it is defined, BIGANT is the key to metaverse development.

                        • Most Significant Sci-tech Events in China and the World

                          In recent weeks, media across the world have selected their Top 10 scientific achievements of 2021. Chinese media did the same, and below are listed four breakthroughs by Chinese technology, and three global successes selected by foreign media. A common listed accomplishment by local and foreign media was the Mars landing.

                        • Paying with a Digital Wallet:the Way of the Future

                          A digital wallet equipped with a made-in-China chip has recently been put through its paces and passed with flying colors. The wallet can be unlocked through fingerprint identification, support digital currency collection and payment, balance inquiry, transaction information display, health code loading and many other functions.

                        • Qilian Mountain National Park

                          The Qilian Mountain National Park which covers a total area of 50,200 km2, is located at the junction area of Gansu province and Qinghai province. It is home to a variety of wild animals such as snow leopards, which are under first-class state protection in China. Thanks to the Qilian Mountain, a complex ecosystem of mountain forests, temperate desert grasslands, alpine meadows, and glacial snow-capped mountains exists in the arid desert belt of northwest China. It is an important ecological security barrier in western China.?

                        • Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot

                          China has expanded vaccine inoculation, with booster shots in particular, to combat COVID-19 and build an immune barrier as the novel coronavirus continues to spread worldwide. China is providing COVID-19 booster shots to its residents free of charge.

                        • Home Away From Home Essay Contest

                          On the evening of November 13, a unique award ceremony for the "Home Away from Home" Essay Contest was held in Xiamen, Fujian province. The contest gathers stories from foreigners living across China and reveal comprehensive and real life scenarios from across the country to the public at large.

                        • The Metaverse:Creating a New Reality

                          The metaverse is causing a sensation online and is the current buzzword for cyber trendsetters. Some people believe that it will start an entirely new reality, while others consider it a new technical and conceptual strategic move to be competetive in the future.